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Mint Builds vol. 3 - Dartbmx Nami

Red clear coated beast straight from Poland!

Without any doubt, that's one of the best setups we've seen in a long time. Built almost entirely using the Dartbmx parts with Nami V.3 and Saito Park frameset. This was put together by our friends from AveBmx for Sebastian Kozłowski. What do you think of it?

The full Bike Check list. Frame: Dartbmx Nami V.3 Red Clear Coated Finish; Fork: Dartbmx Saito Park; Handlebar: Dartbmx Flow 9; Stem: ODYSSEY Tomahawk; Grips: Cult x Vans Waffle; Headset: Dartmoor Prime; Saddle: Mutiny Butter; Seatpost: Mutiny ; B-B: Shadow Corvus; Sprocket: Dartmoor Star; Crank: Dartbmx Thorn; Pedals: Dartmoor Candy Pro; Chain: Odyssey KeyChain; Front Wheel: Tire: Maxxis Grifter Superlight kevlar; Rim: Dartbmx Raider; Spokes: 34R; Nipples: Dartmoor; Hub: Dartbmx Razor Street; Rear Wheel: Tire: Maxxis Grifter Superlight kevlar; Rim: Dartbmx Raider ; Spokes: 34r; Nipples: Dartmoor; Hub: Dartbmx Razor V.2

Mint Builds vol. 2 - Dartbmx Thug

The second installment of our brand new sereis, bringing you the very best Dartbmx bikes.

Today we prepared for you a very special bike. It's built using our hi-end street frame - Dartbmx Thug and the whole construction is capable of taking some serious beating. It has been completed with Saito Street fork, Flow 9 bar, Torch rims and Thorn cranks. The whole setup is very stiff and strong and surely is not afraid of real street riding. In addition, it is clean as hell. Would you give it a ride?

Agelos Demeneopoulos filming for the North Tour 2

Greek rider is currently working on a new project

A street sequence by the Greek shredder Agelos Demeneopoulos - bunnyhop barspin to manual to tailwhip out is a sweet combination and there's no doubt about it! Agelos is currently filming for the North Tour 2 and we can't wait to see the final effects. Make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming video clips as it's going to be huge! Photo courtesy of Ilias Mertis.

Mint Builds vol. 1 - Dartbmx Nami

A brand new series, bringing you the very best Dartbmx bikes.

We'd like to introduce you to our brand new series - Mint Builds. Here we're about to post the very best and finest Dartbmx bikes built by our fans all over the world. The first installment brings the Nami V.3 in clear coated raw finish completed with black and chrome Dartbmx parts. How do you like it?

Łukasz Wyskoiński 2014 Video

A brand new edit from Warsaw-based street shredder.

One of our team riders, Łukasz Wyskoiński decided to sum up the previous year with a nice street edit. Video contains actions from various spots and the clips have been gathered throughout couple of months. It's an entirely self-made piece of BMX work with tones style, good riding and positive vibes. Definitely a must see – enjoy!

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Three new colours for Peacock sprockets in 2015!

New products for 2015 - Part 4

Peacock is a perfect choice for those of you who value high quality at affordable price. We introduced this aluminum 6061-T6 sprocket last year. In 2015 Peacock will be available in five different colours! You can choose from green, blue, violet, red and black. All of them are of course anodized.

Block grips now available in miami vice colour!

New products for 2015 - Part 3

You all probably know Block – they are wide, low profile BMX grips made of soft compound with mushroom pattern that offers you a perfect and comfortable handling in dry conditions. It doesn't matter, whether yor're riding with or without gloves – Block will do the job! For 2015 they will be also available in miami vice version.

Thorn cranks available in two totally new finishes!

New products for 2015 - Part 2

The next new thing for 2015 is our hi-end 2-pcs crank Thorn. We're introducing two totally new colour setups. Namely, they're Red Devil and Petrol finishes.

New products for 2015 - Part 1

Star sprocket will be available in 6 different colours!

We'd like to present you some of our new products for 2015. The first one is Star. Our hi-end CNC machined sprocket will be now available in six different colours! We added Red Devil, Miami Vice and Petrol finish. It has to be admitted they look truly sick! Don't they?

Dawid Godziek - Skatepark riding in Zory

Video by Flair Motion

Brand new skatepark video with Dawid Godziek. It was entirely filmed at the local spot in Żory and its full of top notch riding on Dartbmx Thug frame. As you'll see our hi-end street frame is also doing damn well at skateparks. Filming and editing by Flair Motion*. Don't forget to share it if you like it. Enjoy!